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The Perfect Weekend
11/6/2010 - Michele Moore

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Some would say that every weekend is the perfect weekend because those two precious days give most of us a break from the routine of work, the work we must do to keep hearth and home, food on the table, and bills paid. Sometimes, however, we feel the need to cram so much into our weekends to make up for domestic neglect during the week, that we don't get to fully appreciate and enjoy every moment between 6:00 Friday evening and 10:00 Sunday night.

As I drove home from work yesterday, I was alive with anticipation for the weekend we have just begun. You see this is the first opportunity we have had this fall (in Florida) to luxuriate in chilly, dry, fling-open-the-windows-and-let-in-the-fresh-air kind of weather. In truth, some of my family members are downright cold; my dear husband bundled up in a t-shirt, 2 sweatshirts, and an outer jacket before heading out for a bike ride on this sunshiny morning. I will not wear nearly so many layers when I go grocery shopping. Even that mundane task cannot dim the supreme bliss I feel when the weather is this magnificent.

As an added bonus, we will gain an extra hour tonight...one brilliantly glorious hour of added sleep and relaxation before facing another workweek. When the sky is this clear and the air is this cool, I can close my eyes and imagine every possibility...picking the winning Powerball numbers and claiming the $123 million jackpot...a phone call out of the blue offering me the job of my dreams...a publisher contacting me and offering me a contract with the expectation of additional titles...or the minutes slowing to a crawl as they tick by, my dear one and I sipping coffee and talking of he myriad parts of our life for which we are thankful. This is indeed the perfect weekend and I intend to appreciate every bit of it.

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11/6/2010 Michele Moore from New Port Richey FL wrote:
Please disregard the top 2 lines...not sure what kind of seizure my computer was having today when I tried to post this.
11/6/2010 Janet Glaser from Fremont MI wrote:
You're right--cold but glorious sun today in our neck of the woods. We were up early going a holiday bazaar and yard sales...lots of great bargains too! Hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous too!!
11/6/2010 from wrote:
I just love this extra hour we get. Yes, you're right, it's time now to think about putting up those sparkly coloured lights...

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