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The Dress is On its Way!
3/4/2009 - Michele Moore

    A week and a half. That's all I have until another daughter gets married, the second one in the space of four months. Funny thing is, I don't have anything to wear. It's true. I visited five different stores in one afternoon, and came up empty, despite my inevitable willingness to pay whatever price seemed necessary to find something, anything for the approaching nuptials.
    In a moment of "oh-what-the-heck" I went online and found a dress I am very much hoping will work. You see, I bought it. Without trying it on to see if it would cover all my bumps and jiggles, I bought a dress to wear to my daughter's wedding. Desperation breeds ingenuity...I suppose I should save that platitude until after I see if the darn thing fits.
    Of course I will have to hit the big broads store once more for some super-suck-'em-up pantyhose, or one of those hydraulic lift body sucker-inners to reduce the mid-section protrusions, both fore and aft. Then of course I'll need shoes to match. Does it ever end?
    I'll keep you posted on how it all works out, and God forbid, any wardrobe malfunctions. And as before, I'll post a few pictures.

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3/4/2009 J Peak from Plymouth MI wrote:
How are you keeping your sanity with all of this in a short span of 4 months?! I'll be waiting to see the pics. If your attire is anything like what you wore for your other daughter's wedding, then I'm betting you're going to be smash hit!! You were beautiful!
3/4/2009 Michele Moore from New Port Richey FL wrote:
Thanks you, J...that's kind of you to say.
3/4/2009 Peggy Hill from Pittsburgh PA wrote:
Michelle, you will be spectacular. I bought several dresses for my daughter's wedding thru the interenet. Returning them was not a problem either. I bought two sizes just to be sure one would fit. Return and new purchase were very quick. Try to enjoy yourself.
3/5/2009 Suzanne Caplan from PA wrote:
You will be a vision....those of us who met you have seen the beauty that comes from your smile. It really does cover all the flaws. I once had someone tell me, "Suzanne, after you're with you for a while, you forget that you are fat!". Sweet huh? But you never can forget when people are mean. What color dress is the new one?
3/5/2009 Mary Allan Mill from St. Petersburg FL wrote:
Three cheers for you, Michele. You're going to become a pro in the wedding business, and I know that you will look lovely. Enjoy!
3/5/2009 Michele Moore from New Port Richey FL wrote:
Thanks, ladies! The dress (if it works) is a mauve with some beadwork. Beth's colors are pink and silver, so I ought to fit right in!

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