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Do women go for men in Uniform?
5/31/2011 - Jackie Reed

It’s fleet week here in New York City and uniforms are everywhere to be seen;  Especially young Navy men in their crispy ironed whites   According to an article in Salon Magazine.

Despite the relative paucity of experimental data, many sexologists are convinced from clinical experience that the stereotype about women and uniforms is true. They speculate that the cliché holds for a variety of reasons: Some, pointing to the latent (and at times overt) aggression in military work, propose that women find the menace of uniformed men exciting. Others ascribe the mystique of sailors on leave to the opportunity for casual sex. Still others argue that evolution has wired women to seek competent, dependable types for the long road of childrearing; these clinicians claim that uniforms advertise a history of service and reliability. Of course, it's questionable how reliable a mate could be if his job requires him to ship off into conflict zones at a moment's notice.

I’m not sure I have much faith in anyone who call themselves a sexologist, but does anyone in WE  have an opinion or been attracted to a man (or woman) in a uniform? To read the entire article http://www.slate.com/id/2295604/

And from the don’t know whether to laugh or cry desk.

Marrying a Billionaire, China Style

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5 Comments From Other Members
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5/31/2011 Anne Mudd from Wheat Ridge CO wrote:
My late husband was a sailor when we met. I never saw him in uniform so the courtship was longer than it might have been, because; at one point in our marriage he became a state cop. Something about that uniform, and Sam Brown belt, had me trying to undress him before he could get out the door to work. (Now I've a crush on Santa Claus:-) In all seriousness, though, a long legged guitar man has me all wrapped up in him. Go figure...personally, i think it's the long legs.
5/31/2011 Sue Ann Crockett from Ferndale WA wrote:
HA!.. Jackie.. you make me laugh! You, too, Anne! I once heard that UPS drivers are up there on the list of attractive males, too. I think there definitely IS something to the "man in uniform" syndrome. Of course.. it varies from person to person.. but this time of year I have a hard time looking away when the FedEx guy is wearing shorts!
6/1/2011 from wrote:
Sue Ann, you are so funny. I have to admit that I like a man in uniform too. Just something about those ironed creases and epaulettes (sp?). If my husband was here all the time, I'd be pestering him to join the volunteer fire department, LOL. I wonder if it's a weird domination/swooning/wanting to be rescued female thing? (Still laughing about the FedEx man in shorts.)
6/2/2011 Christy Steiger from Crown Point IN wrote:
I love guys in uniforms. They've got the sexy look of power. All except the overweight ones. When the gut is wider than the shoulders, no uniform helps. But I'm going to look a bit harder at my UPS guy. I think Sue Ann may have something there. Okay, time for me to order something...
6/2/2011 Dorothy Sander from Durham NC wrote:
I fell in love with the "UPS" guy in college. Almost daily he'd drive up to the building where I worked part time and drop off a package. It was the highlight of my day though we only smiled at one another and said hi. Uniforms in general don't do much for me but a man in a dark suit does! and that's a uniform of a sort. I've grown weary of the sloppy dress of men ~ the jeans and T shirts and ball caps. What ever happened to crisp button down shirts and khakis? Definitely about confidence and competence.

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