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The last of the daffodils
5/11/2011 -  

We have some daffodils in our garden that bloom later than others. Once they die down I know that summer is really on its way.


This year, the daffodils lasted longer than usual, as it's been so cold. These beauties are still going after a month! Amazing.



They are tall and graceful, and are the most beautiful colour.



I really looked closely at my daffodils this year. They may seem a bit of a boring flower, but if you think about it, they are really intricately made. And what an unusual shape they are, and they have a lovely scent. Put a lot of them in a warm room and the headiness of it might even give you a headache.


I always feel sad in some ways when the spring flowers fade, as I know I will have to wait another year to see them again.


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5/11/2011 Sue Ann Crockett from Ferndale WA wrote:
What BEAUTIFUL pictures, Celia! Daffodils are my favorite.. and I've always preferred the yellow ones. But these are lovely.. and the fragrance is just the best. As far as I'm concerned.. the only good thing about daffodils fading is that lilacs are up next.. and they are my second favorite :)
5/12/2011 Janet Glaser from Fremont MI wrote:
Gorgeous photos!! Love these beautiful flowers too.
5/12/2011 Anne Mudd from Wheat Ridge CO wrote:
I see poppies back there, Celia. You have a lovely garden. Have you thought of writing booklets on your various gardening procedures and using your awsome photos? Sounds like a money maker to me.
5/13/2011 from wrote:
My husband took the first photo. He's very good on close-ups, has endless patience. I don't know about the writing idea, Anne, but it's an idea! I'll put it in my 'ideas' file. I have thought about painting flowers this year (in oils), as that would give me some relaxing pleasure.

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