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So green
5/9/2011 -  

It's so green around here and the grass looks like velvet, one would think we live in England, or Ireland. Normally, this stage of our weather doesn't last too long though.


Last year, mid-May I think it was, it was like someone turned off the tap, and we didn't have rain for two months. Two weeks of completely dry weather is great. By the third week, if you have a garden, you are getting a bit anxious. By the time a month has gone by, you have to get out the watering cans and then it's hard slog, watering for the rest of the summer.


Living on the island, we can't just turn on a sprinkler. Many of us are on well systems and water is generally in short supply on the Gulf Islands. Even if you have a good well, you don't want to push your luck, as there are more people drawing from the aquifers during the summer months and the supply can get low. So, it's out with the watering cans, filled from rainwater you've stored over the winter.


It's hard to imagine those hot summer days, but they will come, and then these cooler days will be hard to remember. The grass will turn brown, the plants will grow limp, and my arms will grow longer from carrying watering cans!

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5/9/2011 Christy Steiger from Crown Point IN wrote:
Here's hoping that drought doesn't come to your part of the garden. I remember how hard it was for you last year, watching the plants struggling. On the plus side, don't forget that hauling watering cans keeps your arms stronger, too.
5/10/2011 Janet Glaser from Fremont MI wrote:
I am always amazed at gardeners. They have such hope every year. No matter what they busy themselves nurturing the plants and believing that this year will be better than last. Always working to improve the veggie production and give that sparkle to the landscape. God bless gardeners!

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