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The evil that comes to this world
5/2/2011 -  

This world is an interesting place isn't it. Everything changes, yet everything stays the same.


I heard today that Hitler was found dead on the same day, or around this time, that Osama has now been killed. There is rejoicing, although I'm wondering just what the Arab world/his followers will do now and I think it would be prudent to be rather more cautious. I can only imagine it will enrage a lot of people who followed this man. I'm sure he leaves many others who will now be vying with one another to take his place. Such is the way with these people who place no value in human life except their own.


Personally, I never celebrate anyone's death, be they 'good' or 'evil' because I don't believe it's good karma. What I do feel is a deep sadness because Osama wasn't a poor man. He could have done so many good things with his money, i.e. helping his people by building schools and educating them; bringing them into the 21st century.


So many things he could have done with his life, rather than taking the opposite path and tearing down, hating, murdering, and stirring up more hatred for the West and between cultures.  


He will go down in the history books, that's for sure. But he won't be remembered for creating anything beautiful, but for the waste he created. A vast desert in the minds of men. Nothing to write home about.

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5/2/2011 DB Metzger from NY wrote:
Yesterday in 2003 was also the day that Bush went onto the Carrier Ronald Reagan to proclaim that the mission in Iraq was accomplished. Remember that banner? Well, 8 years later (5 thousand US dead, 30,000 injured, 1 trillion dollars spent in Iraq) we got the real target of 9/11 in the suburbs of Pakistan.
5/2/2011 Suzanne Caplan from PA wrote:
I wince when I hear Obama say that good will come from the death of Osama....good will be found when we understand the value of life.
5/3/2011 Anne Mudd from Wheat Ridge CO wrote:
The news interupted my favorite viewing. I'm just as sure as anyone else that Osama's death doesn't amount to anymore than a finger out of a bucket of water. All that carnage for revenge...that's what those figures look like to me, DB. And you said it best, Suzanne, "Good will be found when we understand the vallue of life."
5/3/2011 Christy Steiger from Crown Point IN wrote:
Perhaps the good Obama is speaking about will come if innocent people will be saved in the future. Osama was powerful, but frighteningly so. Not a man that many loved, even among his own people and family.
5/3/2011 from wrote:
I heard he killed far more many Muslims than others. No one really knows the truth unless they are there and the issue is very complicated. I like Suzanne's comment about the value of life, and of course, those suicide bombers put no value on life, even their own. It's really sad. Once, they were little children.
5/6/2011 nancy lendved from winterville ga wrote:
Oh Celia -- I cried when I read your words: "Once, they were little children."

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