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Surround Yourself With Success
9/17/2008 - Ann O'Connell

Recently, during a long-overdue cleanout of my filing cabinets, I came across a newspaper article that I had carefully clipped and saved.

"Surround Yourself With Success" screamed the headline. The article was about a very simple concept, challenging yourself to be the best you can be. We have all heard it before, "Don't allow negative people to influence you".

Surround yourself with people who are successful, who are what you want to be. There are people who see the glass half full, others will see the glass half empty and there are a few people who will not see the glass at all. Don't waste your time trying to convince someone that the glass is half full if they are convinced it is half empty. Find someone who is sure it is possible to fill the other half. Find someone who wants six or ten glasses filled to overflowing. Look to the big picture. Dream and achieve.

Emotions and high moral are contagious. If you are with a positive, upbeat friend or business associate it is very hard to remain negative. This is true of your business associates as well. Carefully pick the business associations that you join. You can only listen to how bad business is so many times until you start convincing yourself that business is so bad, it won't get any better. It is like water dripping on stone, if it happens long enough the rock will be washed away by the persistent dripping.

Appearances do matter. The first impression your business office makes on your potential clients will be a hard one to change. If you are offering a landscaping service your home, business and vehicles must all show what you can do. Neat, orderly, clean and well maintained. That is the face of success for that type of business.

If you are offering cleaning services, the vehicle you arrive in must be spotless...if you or your staff drive a dirty vehicle that may unknowingly be the impression you are leaving with those valued customers.

The location of your business can also leaving a lasting impression good or not so good. If you are in an older shopping district, the area may be starting to show the signs of time. Maybe a merchants' association can get some curbside planters, new paint on some of the buildings and a small greenspace with a couple of benches. An attractive exterior enhances the business inside.

Listen to and foster the opinions of successful people. People who are achieving what you wish to. The definition of success is of course your own. For some, it will be having quality family time, for others it will mean travel, or financial success.

Decide what you want, find others who have achieved it and learn from them. If you want to be the best learn from the best.

Be realistic, not negative.

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9/19/2008 Doreen Harmony from NY NY wrote:
I have begun to surround myself with positivite people who are excited about life and what they are doing and you are right, it is so contagious. I didn't do it intentionally. In fact I always knew I was supposed to do that but it took starting down the path of doing what I loved to do that led me to these people. But what you say is so very true when it comes to business especially. Image is very important.
9/21/2008 Laura Felding from Newark NJ wrote:
This was interesting, thanks. I have a small consulting business and I don't have much opportunity to interact with people other than my client. I heard something about groups of small business owners that meet for coffee in the early am. I'm going to look into that.

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