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Let's Just Give Respect a Chance!
1/9/2011 - Susan Terbay

Why does it take a tragedy to awaken us to the reality that words spoken, words written, comments made, actions done affects all of us.  I’m horrified at what happened in Arizona but I’m not shocked.  We have become a nation of damaging words, of damaging comments, of spitting and shoving and yelling and degrading each other.   And this isn’t even about politics or news reporting or politicians.  Look at the shows on television – the way shows degrade young women into acting like animals as being sensual, or men having multiple sex partners as great guys.  We confirm that it is okay to curse at another who disagrees with you, it is okay and proper to spit at someone who is of another culture or race; it is okay to make fun of a person seeking medical help and telling the unemployed person they are lazy. The ‘if you are not for me you are against me’ attitude that has been slowly creeping its way into our society again and has made its home and now people are shocked that bullets fly and people die.

Rudeness is awarded, compassion and reaching out is seen as weak.  Hate and fear is power, love and compassion is vulnerable.   Are we done now with this attitude?  Can we get back to being human and treating each other with respect even if we disagree? Is it not time for this generation to say, enough?  The words ‘please’ ‘ thank you’ ‘excuse me’ ‘sorry’ etc. are still in the dictionary and can still be used properly.  It has nothing to do with free speech, it has everything to do with respect and choice to be so.  

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1/9/2011 from wrote:
Susan, I hate this too, and another thing that I (and my husband) get really upset about are ads. or stupid programs that make idiots of men, and there are many that do. Often, if the boot was on the other foot and said the same things about women, there would be outrage. I believe in women's rights, but I don't believe in putting men down when they don't deserve it. I also agree with you about all the rest. It incenses me too.
1/10/2011 Janet Glaser from Fremont MI wrote:
I agree with you completely. Respect and courtesy is fading in the US.

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