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this day in Herstory
1/29/2012 - DB Metzger

King George III died. The one that lost America. E.A. Poe’s The Raven is published, under a pseudonym. Emile Grabbe becomes the first doctor to use radiation for Breast Surgery. The Ice cream cone is patented and the seeing eye dog foundation is founded. Birthdays include, Thomas Paine, Germaine Greer and Oprah Winfrey.

1820 King George III dies ending a reign that spanned both the American and French Revolutions.

1834 President Andrew Jackson orders 1st use of US troops to suppress a labor dispute

1845 "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe was published under a Pseudonym in the New York Evening Mirror.

1886 Karl Benz was granted a patent for a gasoline powered car. A three wheeler

1896 U.S. Physician Emile Grubbe became first doctor to use radiation treatment to treat breast cancer.

1900 the American Baseball League was founded in Chicago.

1912 Martial law declared in textile strike in Lawrence MA. The work week back then was 54 hours.

1916 the first bombings of Paris by German Zeppelins took place.

1919 Eighteenth Amendment to the US Constitution takes effect, prohibiting the "manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors" -- the temperance and prohibition movement included many women.

1924 the ice cream cone machine is patented

1929 The Seeing Eye Guide dog foundation was begun

1936 the Baseball Hall of Fame was established in Cooperstown NY.

1953 1st movie in Cinemascope (The Robe) premieres. Here’s some history. It also happens to be the birthday of Victor Mature (1913) who starred in the film

1958 Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward wed. RIP Paul.

1959 Walt Disney’s "Sleeping Beauty" was released in the US. Here’s some info about its origins

1963 Poet Robert Frost died.

1964 Stanley Kurbricks cold war satire "Dr. Strangelove" premiered. So who was the model? Kahn? Teller? Kissinger? or Von Braun

1966 Joan Baez wins three gold records for albums

1987 William J Casey, ends term as 13th director of CIA

1996 the 6,138 performance of "Cats" in London surpassed the record of the musical "Chorus Line".

Notable Birthdays

1737 Thomas Paine, radical writer, born, Thetford, Britain

1835 Sarah Chauncey Woolsey born American Children’s author.

1850 Jeannette Meyer Thurber writer

1860 Anton Checkov playwright

1880 Actor W.C. Fields started out as a juggler

1912 Martha Griffiths born civil rights activist

1923 Paddy Chayevsky [ US, dramatist (Marty, Hospital

1939 Germaine Greer born author of The female Eunuch

1953 Oprah Winfrey A weather girl makes good., better, best. And now we discover she has a half sister.

Quote for Today

The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.

Frances Willard

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this day in Herstory

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this day in Herstory

this day in Herstory

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this day in Herstory

this day in Herstory

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