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this day in Herstory
3/19/2011 - DB Metzger

The US Supreme court upholds 8 hour work day. Congress authorizes daylight savings time. Nevada legalizes gambling and the last episode of  the Mary Tyler Moore show ends itís run,  C-span coverage begins to cover Congress and  Kate and Allie Premiers. 5 die in a Japanese subway from Sarin Gas. In birthdays, Philip Roth, Ornette Coleman and many women few have heard of like Alice French and Senda Berenson

1831 City bank of New York was robbed of $245,000. This was the first bank heist in the nations history. For more on bank robberies click here. Probably the first in the U.S goes back many years. .

1915 Pluto photographed for 1st time (although unknown at the time). The planet no longer a planet.

1917 US Supreme Court upheld 8-hour work day for railroad employees (Adamson Act)

1918 Congress authorizes standard time zones and daylight savings time in order to save fuel while at war.

1920 the US senate refuses to ratify the Treaty of Versailles for the second time.

1931 Nevada legalizes gambling.

1951 Herman Wouk"s "The Caine Mutiny" is published.

1953 the Academy awards is televised for the first time.

1974 Jefferson Starship begins itsí first tour. Formerly mostly an airplane.

1977 the last episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show was broadcast.

1979 The House of Representatives begins gavel to gavel TV coverage via C-Spann

1984 "Kate & Allie" premieres

1987 Jim Bakker resigns from PTL ministries. Remember the name of his secretary back in 1980?    

1995 5 die by poison sarin gas in Japanese subway

1997 Pamela Gordon elected as the first female prime minister of Bermuda after unexpected resignation of David Saul

Notable Birthdays

1848 -1929 Wyatt Earp Monmouth IL, marshall-fought in Gunfight at the OK Corral  http://www.crimelibrary.com/gangsters_outlaws/outlaws/earp/1.html 

1850: Alice French short story author. (Octave Thanet wrote under)

1859: Ellen Gates Starr born  settlement house worker.

1860 Ė 1925 William Jennings Bryon pioneer U.S. politician and presidential hopeful. .

1868: Senda Berenson born Mother of womens basketball

1872 -1929 Sergei Diaghilev Gruzino Novgorod Russia , ballet director 

1881 Edith Nourse Rogers  political representative

1882: Minnie Fisher Cunningham  suffragette from Texas

1905 -1981 Albert Speer German architect/minister of Armament (NSDAP)

1928 Patrick McGoohan actor The Prisoner, Danger man PS. Turned down role of James Bond for Dr. No. the first Bond Film.

1930 Ornette Coleman jazz composer (Downbeat Musician of Year 1966)

1933 Novelist Philip Roth

1936 Actress Ursula Andress the first Bond girl

Quote of the day

Cells let us walk, talk, think, make love and realize the bath water is cold.

ó Lorraine Lee Cudmore, cell biologist

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this day in Herstory

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