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9/11 revisited
9/11/2009 - DB Metzger

Henry Hudson Discovers Manhattan. The first comic strip debuts. An electric bus line opens in L.A. and the first Traffic light in SF. The Miss America contest is televised for the first time and BART service begins in SF. For 9/11 we bring you all the conspiracy theories. as well as their debunking. In birthdays for football fans it’s the birthday of Bear Bryant and Tom Landry.

1609  Henry Hudson Discovers Manhattan Island

1875  the first newspaper comic strip debuts. Remember "the Yellow Kid"? Here’s more on the Genre

1910  the first successful electric bus line opens in Hollywood. The final trolly buses were delivered in 1948.

1919  the U.S. Marines invade Honduras. Here’s a chronology of U.S. interventions down south

1929  a pedestrian traffic light is inaugurated in S.F. As always we ask who gets credit for the first

1954  the first Miss America Contest is broadcast on TV. It was joined in progress at 10:30. Does that mean convention coverage is nothing more then a beauty contest? Of course not. There’s no bathing suits.

1962  Ringo Starr joined the Beatles in a recording session for the first time on the song "Love Me Do."

1972  BART begins service across the Bay Bridge covering 26 miles. It’s now grown to 104 miles and 43 stations

1973  a military coup in Chile supported by the United States ends 46 years of democratic government.

1977  Rhoda gets divorced and improved her shows ratings.

1987  Singer Peter Tosh is killed in Kingston, Jamaica.

1985  Pete Rose breaks Ty Cobb’s hit record of 4192. Of course his real problems were off the field: Gambling and Tax evasion.

9/11/2001  2819 died Here’s the Conspiracy theories on how it might have happened. Here’s the debunking of the theories in Popular Mechanics.

 Notable Birthdays,

1476 Louise of Savoy born (religious writer, education patron)

1806  Juliette Magill Kinzie (writer, Chicago pioneer, social leader: wrote history, Native American legends. Also founder of the Girl Scouts).

1847  Mary Whitney (astronomer)

1850 Mary Clyens Lease (reformer)

1850  The first U.S. concert given by Jenny Lind (known as the Swedish nightingale)

1877  Rosika Schwimmer (union organizer, reformer, writer)

1913  Bear Bryant of the crimson Tide, is the most winning coach in College football history. Winning was everything

1924  Tom Landry first coach of the Dallas Cowboys who set NFL record of 20 consecutive winning seasons. Made the Cowboys "American’s Team." Don’t hear them called that much now.

1917  Ferdinand Marcos (1917-1989) President of the Philippines who pillaged anywhere from 3-35 billion. http://www.moreorless.au.com/killers/marcos.htm His wife Imelda, was into shoes She collected 1220 pairs, along with 500 gowns and 300 bras.

Quote for today

Power is America's last dirty word. It is easier to talk about money — and much easier to talk about sex — than it is to talk about power.

— Rosabeth Moss Kanter

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