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Herstory today
7/27/2009 - DB Metzger

Today in Herstory: Sir Walter Raleigh introduces Tobacco to England, Robespierre is overthrown in France, the Korean war Armistice is signed as is the division of North and South Vietnam with the French. President Johnson signs the bill requiring warnings on Cigarette “beings hazardous to your health”. The Shah of Iran dies, and 240,000 die in the Tangshan earthquake. Gertrude Stein dies and in Birthdays Alexander Dumas is born as is Norman Lear, Peggy Fleming and the first trained Nurse Linda Richards.

1586 Sir Walter Raleigh brings 1st tobacco to England from Virginia

1794 Robespierre (1758-1794) is overthrown in France. No pension, or golden parachute

1866 Atlantic telegraph cable successfully laid. (1,686 miles long)

1940 Billboard magazine starts publishing bestseller charts

1946 Gertrude Stein dies She was a writer, poet, patron of the arts

1953 the Korean War armistice is signed at Panmunjom. The BBC has the info to then and now.

1954 Armistice divides Vietnam into North and South and the French leave..

1955 Chuck Berry’s Maybelline hits the R & B charts.

1955 Austria regains full independence after 4-power occupation

1965 President Johnson signed a bill requiring that cigarette manufacturers display the surgeon general warning that “Cigarettes may be hazardous to your health.” Here’s a chronology of the tobacco wars from days of yore thru today.

1974 on this date a house committee recommended Nixon be impeached. Here’s Represenative Barbara Jordan’s statement.

1976 In Philadelphia, Air Force veteran Ray Brennan becomes the first person to die of Legionnaires disease.

1976 8.2 Tangshan earthquake kills estimated 240,000 Chinese

1980 The Shah of Iran dies in Exile in Egypt. But that’s only the beginning of the story.

1991 TV Guide publishes it's 2000th edition. First edition was April 1953.


Notable Birthdays

1768: Charlotte Corday born (assassin of Jean-Paul Marat)

1777: Jane McCrea and Sarah McNeil captured by Native Americans working for the British; Jane McCrea's story became an American standard

1824 – 1895 Alexandre Dumas fils French playwright/novelist (Camille)

1841 Linda Richards (nurse, educator) first trained Nurse.

1853 Lucy Salmon born (historian)

1875 Mary Olszewski Kryszak born (public official, Polish American activist)

1878?: Genevieve Cline born (lawyer, judge) first woman customs appraiser

1948 Peggy Fleming born (Olympic ice skating medalist, professional ice skater)

1922 Norman Lear. TV producer. Did you know that All In The Family was inspired by an English comedy “Till Death Us Do Part?”

1932 Jerry Van Dyke was dropped by the comedy stork. Aside from being Dick’s brother, Jerry starred in that famously failed sitcom, My Mother the Car. Named by

TV Guide the second worst show of all time.

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