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9/5/2008 - Jan  Bridgeford-Smith

Goodness! I reviewed my blog entry from last evening and I certainly was moving to my own "keypad" beat. Blogging for sanity was more accurate than I thought when I wrote the title. Too much political-junkie television watching and radio listening, my brain waves were altered.

I am easily seduced by all the hype, rhetoric, analysis and bally-hoo surrounding this election-that's actually been true for every presidential election I can remember-this will be number 13-OUCH.

Today, I restricted my radio time and tonight, I just said "NO" to the call of the television talking-heads.
I'm calmer. I'm probably a better human being for having taken this bold step toward political coverage freedom.  Perspective on our current national candidates is easier to maintain when you don't listen, see, or read anything about them. Hmmm....

Unfortunately, I can already tell, one day of political trash-talking abstinence (I wonder if that means I have "political values") is enough. I'm starting to feel hype-deprived. Tomorrow, I'm going to say "Yes, Yes, Yes" to all the glorious, endless, relentless commentaries and pundits.

I'm setting my radio to wake-up to the sound of NPR's
Morning Edition in my ear--I can't wait to hear how John McCain played to the masses-expecially knowing I wasn't one of them.


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9/5/2008 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
you are a political junkie - just face it - I have for myself. I try very hard to flip the stations, etc. but find myself sneaking a peek or a voice or a statement. I have accepted that it will only get worse for me before it gets better - my children are the same - has to be hereditary - we feed each others addictions!!!
9/5/2008 CJ Golden from Newtown CT wrote:
Right now my head is too wrapped up in the Mets and their bid for the National League East Division campionship. Much less controversial, but just as stomach-churning.
9/5/2008 Dorothy Sander from Durham NC wrote:
I'm just sorry so much news on TV is so biased. I would love to just listen to educated, intelligent analysis and discussion and much less arguing and bad mouthing. Too bad we can't people with respect and the same consideration with which we would like to be treated.
9/5/2008 Beverly Mahone from Durham NC wrote:
Dorothy, I hate to say this but, as a former TV journalist, I don't ever recall seeing anyone give an unbiased analysis on the news. (Not even me). After I left TV, I boycotted the news for months because as an insider I know how the stories are shaped and I didn't want to subject myself to the half-truths and misconceptions that the news gives---and it gives a lot more of it than the public knows.
9/6/2008 Suzanne Caplan from PA wrote:
I am a child of the 60's (what I remember of it) and the intensity of those times and battles are close to the surface. I because a business owner and more pragmatic and may have even mellowed but those feelings are not far beneath the surface. These past weeks have really made me sit up and think about how we can go forward without having another internal war. Across the aisle might as well be across the Sahara desert. So, in the interest of having a future, I am trying to keep a balance. Lots o luck!

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