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However Long, Life is Short
2/19/2012 - Suzanne Caplan

Whitney Houston was beautiful and talented and fragile as we all are. We seldom saw it in her becuase having all of that seems like it would make life easier. Nothing makes life easier and much can make it tougher.

She left too soon but she left us a gift of music and beauty and talent and a faith in a greater power that I am going to concentrate on for myself. I am already decades older; have done far less and care so much about continuing to make a difference. Perhaps God will lead me in this direction and hold me up as I continue to try.

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2/19/2012 Christy Steiger from Crown Point IN wrote:
With great talent and beauty come riches. That has led many women to great heights and peril. I'm glad it's not my own children in the spotlight. I pride myself, like you, Suzanne, on put one foot in front of the other. I'm just trying to make a difference, somewhere, too. That's what I think is so great about this site and the work you do on behalf of WE.
2/19/2012 Joanne Bolivar from West Linn OR wrote:
Her voice is what made Whitney the star she became and it is with sadness it also led to her downfall. She must have had fears, doubts and questions that led to her problems as many a star has faced. I wonder that there are not people in place that can lead someone up the ladder without missing a rung. I know they have managers and entourages but that doesn't seem to help. Whitney died so young and still managed to make a difference. WE might not have the fame or glory but we do have the ability to continue with one foot at a time up the path fo make our mark and a difference.
2/20/2012 Suzanne Caplan from PA wrote:
Believing in ourselves, not because we are so exceptional but because we are is the core to build on. Everyone of use has something of important to contribute and we need to believe that. WE do matter.

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