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The Mysteries of Life
2/10/2012 - Suzanne Caplan

Our long time devoted herstorian, DB Metzger has a new heart today; well, it really was transplanted on Wednesday but I waited to say anything. Came from a 20 year old and I am not sure of the gender. The magic of modern medicine. This has been a long time coming and I admire the courage I have seen alone the way. I am not sure I could have waited for this outcome in such good humor.

And at 7:15 am, my high school BFF called to tell me that her husband died last night. He had been sick but this came on in a rapid turn of events. Perhaps mercifully. She is strong, I was the flaky part of the duo. I am ready to be where she wants whenever she needs me.

And I am watched my dearest friends of the past 30 years, pack up a house she just sold and become a full time resident of the Jersey shore. Not more jaunts back to Pa.

Life is a constant change...some times they come in waves.

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2/10/2012 Joanne Bolivar from West Linn OR wrote:
With age comes the acceptance life is not stagnant no more then the earth could stop it's revolutions. With age comes the wisdom that our hearts are big enough to stand by a friend in her loss, friends moving and the miracle of someone suffering the loss of a loved one by the donation of the heart to let someone else live. Your friends are blessed to have your heart loving them.
2/12/2012 Christy Steiger from Crown Point IN wrote:
It didn't seem to me that much changed during my 50's. But ever since I turned 60, there has been upheaval, changes, and sadness marking the years. It seem the sadness becomes part of me, instead of me dealing with it and setting it aside. That sounds worse than it feels, most of the time. I've come to accept the "bad surprises" as my little daughter called them.
2/14/2012 Janet Glaser from Fremont MI wrote:
Thinking of you as you adjust to all these events in your life and in your friends' lives.

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