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The Ying-Yang of Our Lives
1/21/2012 - Suzanne Caplan

I do not have any friends who are facing their golden years living in the lap of luxury. I have friends who could afford to be or do anything they wish but that is not their style. I have always been more attracted to simple folk who care about others at least equally with themselves.

That model was not always the case in the generation older than I...My mother had friends who were completely self absorbed and I had at least one relative in that catagory. My best friend had a mother in law who was the poster child for it. Their comfort was not only their main concern, it was their only concern. I do not remember one of their lives as being happy.

This made an impression on me but not one that was a conscious force in my life. As Popeye said so profoundly "I yam what I yam!". But I do think about it now as I am growing older and less fearless and more in need from time to time.

There is a ying-yang to all of this. What you give is cast to the universe to return when you need it. And you can continue to give for a very long time...an extra call; a smile to someone having a bad day or a ride to someone who needs it or a song to a senior. We all have a gift.

When my mother was in a nursing home at the age of 95, she remained kind and appreciative to the staff. It was her nature and not everyone did. They appreciated her and she left that place gently as she deserved. These random acts do not take more than a small effort, I am grateful that it is in my DNA.

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1/21/2012 Joanne Bolivar from West Linn OR wrote:
We that have that DNA are the happiest and most fulfilled on this planet. My Grandmother thanked the floor staff for a clean floor and in return the woman started smiling and added a spring to her step. My prayer is to have clarity of mind for thanfulness. Simple considerations and a grateful attitude travel further in the universe then a mirror reflecting a self centered world of what is in it for me. You are fortunate to be on the side of the mirror reflecting kindness and love.
1/21/2012 Christy Steiger from Crown Point IN wrote:
It is a tricky balance between self-absorbtion and self-denial. Sometimes we should be looking out for "me" and we don't. But I agree completely that being concerned about others and the larger world around us is important. It is also enlarging. Sometimes I feel selfish when I do good deeds or support a friend. That's cause it feels so wonderful to be needed and appreciated. I try to do small things no one knows I've done to help.
1/21/2012 Joanne Bolivar from West Linn OR wrote:
Christy, we do need to take care of ourselves and we can embrace the love from a thank you for cnsideration. Doing something small and wthout notice is a wonderful feeling. We never know what a small act of kindness can do for someone. In my husband's field dealing with the damage war inflicts on soldiers many have said but for a kind word, thought or deed, they had thought about ending their time on earth. No deed is ever too small. A smile can save a life.
1/21/2012 Eileen Hopkins from Calgary AB wrote:
It is all those small things that make life worth living. The BIG events are rare and fleeting and the impact fades over time. The small acts of kindness fill up the cracks and wiggle down into our very being providing much needed nourishment on those days when we just don't have enough or our own! I am loving what I read on this blog today. God bless you one and all!
1/21/2012 Anne Mudd from Wheat Ridge CO wrote:
One person holds the entire universe in thier hands. One hand on another's heart caresses us all, and one gentle movement forms a heart miles, and miles away. Life is too short to wonder why and love is too abundant to have to think about giving it.
1/24/2012 Janet Glaser from Fremont MI wrote:
What lovely comments on this post. You have all put the human in human being.

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