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When I Get to Be 80, I am Going to Lie
8/25/2008 - Suzanne Caplan

As a break from the talking political heads and the hardbodies in skimpy outfits in Bejiing, I have started thing about other things, like growing old. At this point, it is almost more pleaseant. And I have started talking about what age it is that we get to when we start lying UP about our age. The more years, the more attention.

It Is EIGHTY.....once you have passed 80, no one even thinks that you are anything other than old. Then the real contest is HOW OLD ARE YOU? OK....I am going to turn 80 and say I am 82 and go up 2 years for every 1. Then, I can be 90 at a mere 85. Now that is triumph. Perhaps I will even look good (for my age). I will be the Dowager of Women Etcetera! Or will I have to start yet another group?

Let's not have an upper age limit here....I couldn't face that.

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8/25/2008 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
Love it! Actually i saw a clip from a movie called Women and a woman 'our age' was walking by a cosmetic counter and was offered a wringle cream, etc. and the response back was 'this is my face, live with it!' I love such comments and additudes!
8/25/2008 DB Metzger from NY wrote:
Generation D (Dowager) falls somewhere between what’s called the silent generation and Boomers, according to Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_generations
8/25/2008 Suzanne Caplan from PA wrote:
Generation D my ass.....what do they call stupid old men? John McCain, perhaps.
8/25/2008 J Peak from Plymouth MI wrote:
or maybe Joe Biden?
8/25/2008 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
You know who are stupid old men?!?!!? The men that left us for someone else - now those are stupid men period! :)
8/25/2008 Suzanne Caplan from PA wrote:
And the ones who never noticed us in the first place.
8/26/2008 Suzanne Caplan from PA wrote:
J. I do not think Biden is in any way stupid.....I do think that McCain's academic history does prove a point. I am sorry that better people will not run because of the personal cost. I voted for Jerry Ford because he was a decent man and I would vote for any man or woman I felt was honest. I have made my decision here. And I will try to keep my comments to fact. And soon McCain will be 80 and they he can lie with impunity.
8/26/2008 J Peak from Plymouth MI wrote:
Suzanne, my comment was in response to your McCain comment. I'm tired of hearing about McCain's age. And especially on this website, of all places!! And Biden is only 6 years younger so if we're going to blast McCain on his age I guess we need to lump Biden in there too. And the fact that McCain graduated in the lower, what 5% percent of Annapolis doesn't mean he's stupid. For crying out loud, we're not talking about some low level academic institution...we're talking Annapolis! Ted Kennedy was thrown out of Harvard. Is that better? This doesn't sound like facts, it sounds like feelings.
8/26/2008 DB Metzger from NY wrote:
McCain isn't stupid. He's doing anything it takes to get elected and in the process his senior moments are beginning to show, or at best he can't seperate the 2000 Maverick from the 2008 hypocrite. And his using the I'm a POW at every hard question is very irritating.. The press has always liked him but this is getting tiresome. Makes anyone who doesn't see through this flip/flopping charade seem stupid, if not the man himself.
8/26/2008 Suzanne Caplan from PA wrote:
I am not talking about age.....at all . I am not that much younger. I agree with DB that his getting elected at any cost grows old. Her personal behavior grows old. Bill Clinton makes my skin crawl.....this is not party specific. This is MY reaction to ONE person. Not the lower 5% of Annapolis.....5 from the bottom of almost 850....think that is the lower one half of one percent.
8/26/2008 J Peak from Plymouth MI wrote:
Again, we're not talking about the local community college, or even a state university. We're talking about Annapolis...a place you don't get into (or out of) as a dummy. His being almost last is inconsequental based on where we're talking about. Frankly, I'm not a real McCain fan, but less so an Obama fan the more I see and listen to him. In the beginning of the primaries I thought Obama might be who I would vote for but his lack of confidence, his own flip-flopping, and his inability to talk on his feet prevents me from seeing him as a leader of this country. He comes across as shallow.
8/26/2008 Suzanne Caplan from PA wrote:
We are talking about an Admiral's son......do you know about legacy admissions that were much of the landscape in that time. You got into Harvard or Yale if your father went there. That is why George got into Yale......Obama is not much of a one liner.....but shallow is not my thought.
8/26/2008 Susan Terbay from Dayton OH wrote:
Okay, I'm not quite sure about the inability to talk on his feet because Obama is a profound speaker who captures attention was standing and sitting. He can put more than two sentences together and make sense. It almost feels like McCain's camp tells him to please don't put more than two sentences together because anything more than that he sounds like befuddled old man. I'm so looking forward to the debates.
8/27/2008 J Peak from Plymouth MI wrote:
Obama talks so slow that I lose his point before he gets to it. It's as if he's formulating it, and making sure he's going to be saying the "right" thing, before he goes on. His stuttering and stamering is disconcerting, almost annoying. Michelle has a better speaking presence than Obama.
8/27/2008 Suzanne Caplan from PA wrote:
Good grief, this blog has fallen off its mark......let's agree to disagree and talk about growing old with grace.
9/14/2008 Bev Sykes from Davis CA wrote:
My mother just turned 89 and looks 70, acts 50 and feels 35. She will never age. May I grow old as gracefully as she has. She makes me believe that age is mostly a state of mind. She's had some health issues in the past couple of years, but her good attitude hasn't turned her "old" because of them.

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