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Closer To Home
Posted 10/8/2008 - Ann O'Connell | 0 comment(s)
The economy meltdown is having an effect on individuals, businesses and non-profits. There is an atmosphere of unease, a wait and see while hoping for the best. With this comes a change in buying habits. . . . . Read More

It Begins With You
Posted 10/4/2008 - Ann O'Connell | 0 comment(s)
This week I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by an internationally known tourism guru. He had come into our small region on the map to give suggestions, feedback and ideas on what is being done right and what can be improved. . . . . Read More

Hidden Charges
Posted 10/1/2008 - Ann O'Connell | 0 comment(s)
As consumers, we have become dependent on plastic cards, charge and debit cards. Each time a credit card is used there are fees charged. Maybe not to the user but certainly to the business accepting the credit card as payment. . . . . Read More

Now Is The Time - Part 2
Posted 9/29/2008 - Ann O'Connell | 0 comment(s)
Now is the time to review what your customers are buying from you. Just because you have always offered certain products and services does not mean they are profitable for you. Are you making a profit on what you are offering. . . . . Read More

Now Is the Time - Part 1
Posted 9/28/2008 - Ann O'Connell | 2 comment(s)
The finances of individuals, businesses and financial institutions are not at their healthiest. If your business has not already done so, now is the time for it to make adjustments. Review your Accounts Receivable sub ledger...who owes your business money. . . . . Read More

The Care & Feeding of Your Local Banker
Posted 9/27/2008 - Suzanne Caplan | 3 comment(s)
With all of the upheavel in the banking industry, many business owners are trying to stay under the radar of their bank. I have heard many stories of loans and lines of credit that have been changed for what appears to be no good reason. . . . . Read More

Cash Flow
Posted 9/20/2008 - Ann O'Connell | 7 comment(s)
Many people have the idea that business owners can "write off" all of their personal living expenses against the profits of the business. Legally that is not the case. Sometimes business owners do get creative with their accounting systems and try to include personal living costs as business expenses. . . . . Read More

Surround Yourself With Success
Posted 9/17/2008 - Ann O'Connell | 2 comment(s)
Recently, during a long-overdue cleanout of my filing cabinets, I came across a newspaper article that I had carefully clipped and saved. "Surround Yourself With Success" screamed the headline. The article was about a very simple concept, challenging yourself to be the best you can be. . . . . Read More

Increasing Sales - Retail
Posted 9/10/2008 - Ann O'Connell | 1 comment(s)
Where do the ideas come from for store layouts? There have been studies and research galore done on what makes people buy. If you go into a large department store and you look very carefully you can see the subtle aids in place to "help" you spend your money. . . . . Read More

Posted 9/6/2008 - Ann O'Connell | 1 comment(s)
Just a little bit more information about store displays and some things that may make the process easier.  One thing about store displays: the props are just that, the products you are selling is what you want to highlight. . . . . Read More

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